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  • Job title:Hardware engineer
  • Department:
  • Number:1
  • City:Shanghai


    Position description

    1. Responsible for PCB design and development; involved in product design and development;

    2. Produce circuit test aircraft; develop components inspection standards;

    3. Responsible for the testing of new products and the follow-up of test results;

    4. Assist the technical director; develop product acceptance programs;

    5. Report to the technical director about the corresponding technology;

    6. Responsible for technical communication, coordination and product maintenance with the manufacturers;

    Position requirements

    1. Bachelor degree or above, in major of electronic or related fields;

    2. Master analog electronics, digital electronics, SCM principles and relevant knowledge;

    3. Familiar PROTEL or other PCB design software;

    4. Microcontroller and assembler development experience is appreciated;

    5. Relevant work experience more than one year (graduates with development experience);

    6. Good healthy condition.

    please send your resume or CV to vthr@voicetune.com


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